Posted by: Salty | August 26, 2008

Gustav Sparks Rise in Oil Prices

Forecasters have suggested that, if Gustav continues to gain strength as it heads toward the Gulf of Mexico, the likelihood that offshore oil rigs will be shut down in the coming days increases.  Such predictions caused the price of a barrel of oil to shoot up $5 by Tuesday afternoon.  As oil prices rise, so will the cost of heating oil, gasoline, and natural gas.  In the U.S.  the price of a gallon of gasoline is expected to rise ten cents before Labor Day weekend.

Most forecasters are suggesting that Gustav will strengthen into a category 3 hurricane within days.  If Gustave makes it into the warm waters of the Gulf, via the Yucatan Channel, the storm may strengthen into a category 5 hurricane–a scenario similar to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina. 

Wednesday.Projecting even further out, said Gustav could grow into a Category 5 storm if it passes through the Yucatan Channel and enters the Gulf’s warmer-than-usual waters. Hurricane Katrina struck three years ago this weekend as a Category 5 after shuttering most of the gulf’s oil and natural gas production.

Posted by: Salty | August 26, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Makes Landfall in Haiti

Hurricane Gustav, the seventh named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, has made landfall in Haiti.  The country is still reeling from the effects of Tropical Storm Fay which killed ten Haitian citizens a little over a week ago.

Currently, the storm is classified as a category 1 hurricane, but forecasters expect it to evolve into a category 2 by Wednesday evening.

The hurricane is headed toward Cuba which, like Haiti, is still cleaning up after Tropical Storm Fay.

Massive rainfall is expected to produce flash floods and mudslides in Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba.

Forecasters suggest that Gustav may become a category 3 hurricane sometime over the next few days.

Posted by: Salty | August 20, 2008

Fay Causes Major Flooding in St. Lucie County, Florida

Over 9000 homes are reportedly damaged after Saint Lucie County recieved 15 inches of rainfall from Tropical Storm Fay. County officials said that they expected only a few inches and were caught off guard when the storm became stationary off the southeastern coast of Florida.

Presently, the storm has moved back out into the Atlantic, but is expected to turn back toward the northeastern coast of Florida within the next 24 hours. The coastal area between Altamaha Sound, Georgia and Flagler Beach, Florida. The area between Altamaha Sound and the Savannah River is under a tropical storm watch.

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First Storm Related Death in the U.S. Reported

The first death related to Tropical Storm Fay in the U.S. has been reported. On Tuesday, a 54-year-old Highlands County man was testing his gasoline powered generators when he succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. The man’s body was discovered by his wife.

Posted by: Salty | August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay “Boomerangs” Northeast

Satellite View of Fay on Wednesday Morning

Satellite View of Fay on Wednesday Morning

Though it still isn’t expected to strengthen into a hurricane, Tropical Storm Fay has spawned at least seven tornadoes that have pushed across the Florida mainland.

The storm is expected to trace the southeastern coast of Florida, move back into the Atlantic and then “boomerang” back up into the Northeast coast of Florida.

Parts of northeastern Florida and southeastern Georgia are now under a hurricane watch, meaning that the storm conditions in the area are conducive to hurricane formation within the next 36 hours.

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Hurricane? No. Tornadoes? Probably.

High winds and flooding, but no hurricane

High winds and flooding, but no hurricane

Tropical Storm Fay touched down at Cape Romano in southwestern Florida on Tuesday morning. As of Tuesday afternoon, forecasters had dropped hurricane warnings for the region. They have warned, however, that high winds and rising temperatures increase the likelihood that tornadoes will develop.

There have been unverified reports of tornado activity coming out of Palm Beach County. Observers say that the damaged area appears to form a linear path–a telltale sign that a tornado has passed through.

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Hurricane Fay Wreaks Havoc in the Caribbean Sea

Tropical Storm “Fay” is the sixth storm named this year by the National Hurricane Center. On August 15, 2008, the storm made landfall in the Dominican Republic where three people drowned and 23 more were killed in a massive traffic accident prompted by the storm.

Hurricane Fay reached Haiti on the 16th of August, killing at least 55 people and leaving another 30 missing and presumed dead.

Hurrican warnings are no longer in effect in Cuba, though the island nation will likely receive enough rainfall to activate mudslides and flash flooding.

Over the past few days, tourists in the Florida Keys were evacuated. On August 19, evacuation ceased due to high winds and torrential rain. Florida’s governor, Charlie Krist, has declared a state of emergency. Hurricane Fay is expected to make landfall in the Keys by the evening of August 19.

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Monroe County Infrastructure Boarding Up

Overseas Hwy on a good day

Overseas Hwy on a good day

Roads and Highways
According to Monroe County Emergency officials, the Overseas Highway (US Hwy 1), along with several other area roads, are no longer passable due to flooding.

Air Transportation
The two major airports in the Florida Keys, Key West International and Florida Keys Marathon, have grounded all flights and suspended operations in response to Tropical Storm Fay.

Emergency Operations
According to CNN, Monroe County Sheriff, Rick Warren, those who have chosen not to abide by county-wide emergency procedures risk having to ride the storm out alone.

“We cannot guarantee a response in an emergency situation,” says Warren.

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Tropical Storm Fay Makes Landfall in Key West

At around 3 p.m. EST Monday afternoon, the center of Tropical Storm Fay reached Key West, Florida. “Fay” is still considered a tropical storm, but forecasters believed it could become a hurricane within 24 hours, shortly before it is expected to make landfall on the southwestern coast of Florida.

Parts of southwestern Florida such as the area between Flamingo and Anna Maria Island are already under a hurricane warning.

Visitors and residents of Monroe County, Florida, have halted all evacuation efforts and are advising those in the area of the Florida Keys to avoid the Overseas Highway (US Hwy 1) due to flooding.

Shortly before making landfall in Key West, the storm was pushing north-northwest at just under 15 mph. The storm is expected to turn farther north later on Monday afternoon.