Posted by: Salty | August 18, 2008

Hurricane Fay Wreaks Havoc in the Caribbean Sea

Tropical Storm “Fay” is the sixth storm named this year by the National Hurricane Center. On August 15, 2008, the storm made landfall in the Dominican Republic where three people drowned and 23 more were killed in a massive traffic accident prompted by the storm.

Hurricane Fay reached Haiti on the 16th of August, killing at least 55 people and leaving another 30 missing and presumed dead.

Hurrican warnings are no longer in effect in Cuba, though the island nation will likely receive enough rainfall to activate mudslides and flash flooding.

Over the past few days, tourists in the Florida Keys were evacuated. On August 19, evacuation ceased due to high winds and torrential rain. Florida’s governor, Charlie Krist, has declared a state of emergency. Hurricane Fay is expected to make landfall in the Keys by the evening of August 19.



  1. This is terrible. We need a hurricane defense system.

  2. I’ll second that.

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